The following is a base price list. Some holsters requiring custom alterations and/or additions may increase the total cost. Shipping* is $5 USPS 1st Class for each item. I accept major credit cards, Paypal, or Postal Money Orders. Prices current as of 01/20/2019. *International buyers: Please contact me for a shipping quote prior to ordering/purchasing. In most cases, international shipping is about $10-$15 USD.

UPDATE 02/16/2014: Because of the ever-rising cost in the leather industry, I'm forced to adjust my pricing. I simply cannot afford to shoulder the extra cost of the leather and the seemingly regular increases in postage.

In the past, I've been very specific about holster costs on a per-gun basis. That is, a pancake holster could have been several different prices depending on the gun it was for. Now, instead of raising everything across the board, I've set a base price per holster type, regardless of the weapon.

I've avoided this for as long as possible and realize that nobody wants to see a notice like this. I'm certain, though, that you'd rather have a holster built from the best parts of the best leather available than for me to cheap-out on some lesser quality leather.

Model 1 Model 2 Pancake BSP Single carrier Double carrier
$80 $75 $80 $95 $35 $50


Feature Price
Mouthpiece reinforcement $5
Sweat guard/indexing tab Included
Omit sweat guard No Charge
Exotic leather POR
Initials/custom numbers stamped $10. (No returns)